Looking over Lake Superior
A view of Lake Superior from Crystal Beach By Billie Stechyshyn

Crystal Beach Variety

Lake Superior Coffee

Lake Superior Coffee
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Crystal Beach Variety
Crystal Beach Vareity

 Crystal Beach Variety

Shuniah, ON   P7A 0L4  Canada ‎ 
Just off Highway 11 - 17 
on Lakeshore Drive
1 807-983-27521  807-983-2752


Crystal Beach Variety

Open 8 am to 8 pm, daily

Two Stops in One! Located just off Highway 11 - 17 East of Thunder Bay, Ontario, on Lakeshore Drive.

Just take the McKenzie Station turn off to Lakeshore Drive when heading East or the Birch Beach turn off when heading West.

Drive just 15 minutes East of Terry Fox Lookout.

  • Crystal Beach Variety also has Gas, Diesel and Propane tank exchange for 20, 30 and 100 pound cylinders.

  • We have a lotto terminal, Fishing and Hunting Licenses, Movie Rentals,
    large bags of Bird Seed

  • Bags of Wood Pellets and Fireworks.


LCBO Agency Store

• Wine • Spirits • Beer

 Crystal Beach Variety ~ Liquore Store

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We can be found on Travel Superior

Map of where you can find Lake Superior Coffee

John D'Angelo with Lake Superior Coffee at Crystal Beach Variety

John D'Angelo


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