How to store your Coffee

How To Store Your Coffee?

Coffee is an organic product that loses its quality pretty quickly

The freshness of the coffee beans begins to fade away almost immediately after roasting. That is why one should pay attention to how and how not to store coffee so it stays fresh for as long as possible.

Even if you consume coffee in large quantities, experts advise coffee drinkers not to keep coffee beans exposed for longer than two weeks [tweet this Twitter-bird-icon]. This is because coffee is a product that oxidizes fairly quickly.

Coffee drinkers should buy coffee in small portions rather than overstock. Coffee shops, cafés and restaurants on the other hand, should lower quantities of coffee more often. In this way, you will be able to serve coffee beverages of the highest quality.

Where to Store Coffee? Coffee is a product that oxidizes quickly and gives off large volumes of carbon dioxide. It should always be stored in airtight containers or bags that have one way degassing valves that let carbon dioxide out and keep oxygen from getting in. Furthermore, coffee beans should be stored in dark and cool places. This is because humidity is one of the worst enemies of high quality coffee, moisture can spoil coffee that has already been dried through a roasting process. Typical sources of moisture include refrigerators. Do not under any circumstances store your coffee there.

How to Store Ground Coffee? If you want to keep your coffee fresh for long period of time, it is best not to grind it [tweet this Twitter-bird-icon]. Coffee beans keeps the aroma and once ground they lose their qualities much faster. That is why it is better to grind the exact quantity of coffee planned for immediate consumption. If you don’t have the time or the tools for grinding coffee, then you just have to follow the previous steps. Keep the ground coffee in a dark and cool place, away from humidity, direct light and oxygen.

If you are maintaining a bean to cup coffee machine, you will probably need a huge amount of coffee beans to satisfy the desired needs of coffee consumption.

In this case, you can divide the coffee in small portions and put it into a freezer in airtight bags. The best practices show that once the coffee is defrosted it has to be consumed within two weeks. Coffee that has been defrosted should never be frozen again. Last but not least, if you are using coffee capsules or pods, treat them as regular coffee. Even though, they are pre-stored in airtight bags, they also need to be stored in dark and cool places with low humidity levels. Otherwise, you risk to lose their freshness and aroma.

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