A Taste of Lake Superior

 Lake Superior Coffee  

Our coffee is roasted on the shores of Lake Superior

using only the finest Arabica Beans.

Map of the Lighthouses

 Map Honoring the
Lighthouses of Lake Superior


Porphyry Island Lighthouse

Location: Located on the southwest extreme of Edward Island, marking the entrance to Black Bay.
Latitude: 48.33914
Longitude: -88.64868

Did you know?

Lake Superior Coffee 

Lake Superior Coffee is recognizing these three Lake Superior Lighthouses
for their contributions to the development of our communities.

Porphyry Lighthouse

Prophyry Lighthouse

East of Sleeping Giant, ON

"A hearty, dark roast, bold and spicy"

Dark Roa

 Rock of Ages

Rock of Ages

Isle Royale, Michigan

"A perfect way to start your day...tones of caramel, chocolate and slightly smoky"

Medium Roast

Split Rock Lighthouse

Split Rock Lighthouse

Highway 61, MN

"A blend of five different coffees representing the ever changing nature of the Lake Superior"

Light Roast


Events around Lake Superior