Painting with Coffee

Thank you to a Lakehead University Fine Arts Student who, while helping me pick out wine glasses for our Wine Painting Night program, suggested that I check out Painting with Coffee.

Painting with coffee lays extremely well on watercolor paper and it can make your work space smell like you’re in coffee heaven

The longer the coffee grounds steep in the water, the darker the "paint" will be. Instant coffee crystals work well to make different shades of color.

The delicious roasted smell of fresh coffee in the morning is what gets most of us through the day. But what if you could use this incredible brew to create works of art? We are talking today about using coffee in painting techniques as the primary solution instead of the classic acrylic, oil, watercolor or tempera paint. You can use the solution following the same basic principles used in watercolor painting, a resourceful medium able to create texture, shadows, gradients and depth.
How to Make a Coffee Painting

Coffee painting is an extremely easy and enjoyable process of expressing your creativity on paper. This type of art may be monochromatic, which involves working with only one color, but its potential for art is limitless.

To do coffee painting, you only need five materials:
First is pure black instant coffee.
Next is water in plastic cups.
Third is watercolor paper. You can find these in most school supply stores. If you can’t find any, oslo paper or sketch pad paper will do.
You will also need paintbrushes. As a start, use a flat brush and round tip brush.
And lastly, you’ll need a pencil to make a sketch of your painting. If you want to add more details to your artwork, you can also use black pens or markers.

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